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Star Ceilings

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CineStarPanel™ Star Ceiling Panels

CineStarPanel™ star ceiling panels offer a realistic starfield effect for your setting with the relaxing starry night above, plus the added effect of a skylight to the night sky above, to help open up the feel of your room.  Ideal for Home Theaters, Media Rooms, Rec Rooms and virtually anywhere in your home, they're also perfect for commercial settings such as Restaurants, Bars,  Night Clubs, Performance Venues and even Corporate Boardrooms. As the CineStarPanel™ is also an absorbent acoustic panel, they can improve the overall sound quality of your room by helping tame room reverberation.

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CineStarPanel™ star ceiling panels are manufactured from high quality 1" deep rigid Fiberglas acoustic panels that are covered with flame-resistant designer Guilford of Maine acoustic fabric. Our standard recommended fabric covering color is always Black for the most realistic starfield, but over 40 other colors are available to fit your decor (click here and scroll down the page to see the optional color swatches). CineStarPanel™ star ceiling panels are made with 3 different diameter fiber-optic strands to simulate dim, medium and bright star effects, randomly positioned on the panel by skilled craftsmen to create a more natural looking sky. To make an even more authentic star presentation, we use alternating twinkling and static LED's with the digital control chip, which is pre-installed inside each panel, for incredibly easy installation and many years of dependable operation.

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Don't be fooled by lesser products, as they may be less dependable and most can't provide the realism that CineStarPanel™ products offer. We have 8 LED's on our master board, while so-called competitors use 3-4 LED bulbs,  or even less - which won't provide the overall light output and contrast between the bright, medium, dim and twinkling stars. Many competing products use single sized fiber strands, while the best way to create a realistic star pattern is by using 3 different diameters of fibers. Also, many competing products do not offer our advanced programmable twinkling star feature, which significantly enhances realism. Everything you need is pre-installed in each CineStarPanel™. This creates the finest star ceiling presentation that we know of and will give you many years of enjoyment.

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CineStarPanel™ products are custom manufactured and there are no returns for refund, or exchange.

2-3 week manufacturing time for CineStarPanel™ Star Ceiling Panels - large orders may take a little longer. Let us know if you need your order sooner, as we may be able to expedite your order.

Shooting Star Special - for an up to 5 foot Shooting Star on a Single Panel, we're offering this $1,000 value at very special sale price for a limited time only - contact us for details.

CineStarPanel™ Star Ceiling Panels

2' x 2' Panels - Click Here for Special Prices

2' x 4' Panel - $375 + shipping - Call

4' x 4' Panel - $745 + shipping - Call

4' x 6' Panel $1,115 + shipping - Call

4' x 8' Panel $1,450 + shipping - Call

Contact Us or Call toll free #866-243-1001 for Your Cost with Shipping, for Quantity Discounts and for Large Ceiling Price Quotes

Shipping zip code required & we need to know if it's a residential, or commercial address, plus if you need a liftgate assist to ground level on the truck.

Click here for design and wiring information,
installation instructions and warranty info.

our Android« or Apple« iOS app is available as a revolutionary solution for controlling your star effects, shooting star frequency, and optional LED perimeter lighting - all from your phone or tablet! Click here for more details.

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Click here for design and wiring information,
installation instructions and warranty info.

CineStarPanel™ Technology:

The CineStarPanel™ light source is a combination of alternating twinkling and static LED lights coupled to three different diameters of fibers controlled by an incredibly efficient digital light engine. We also have 8 LED's on our control board to light the fibers for more output and greater differences between the bright and dim stars. Competitors use 3-4 or less LED's and this leads to a dimmer star ceiling with less of a  difference between the dim and bright stars.

There's no expensive halogen light bulb to replace every few years, as you find on outdated "illuminator" systems, plus no extensive fiber optic light strands to run - everything you need is pre-installed in each CineStarPanel™. Also, as our control board offers simplicity and efficiency, our panels provide many years of dependable operation - they're conservatively estimated to last up to 100,000 hours and operate on only about a quarter of a watt. The subtle starry night effect is not distracting while watching your TV, so they can be left on anytime you're in the room.

Fabulous Fiber-Optic Shooting Stars

Our CineStarPanel™ Shooting Stars* add a fabulous interactive effect to any panel. You can even place them in parallel on multiple panels to create an incredible meteor shower effect. The separate control chip is installed inside the panel and you can create an up to 5 foot shooting star effect on a single panel, an 8' pattern across 2 panel areas and even more options are available. The shooting star timing sequence is adjustable and includes 1, 2, 5 and 10 minute settings. The timing interval can be changed via dip switches on the panel control board. Click here or the picture above to see a preview movie.

Click here to see other great star panel options, such as constellations.

*Special Pricing - the $1,000 shooting star effect is at a very special sale price for a limited time only  - contact us for details.

Star Ceiling Panel Frames with Accent Ceiling Lighting

One great framing idea is using a standard wood molding attached to the ceiling around the Star Panel area to create the illusion of having a framed skylight with the night sky in a window above. In addition, if you have anything from a half an inch to inch clearance between the ceiling and molding, you can attach our Remote Control Tri-Color LED lighting package on the upper outer lip of the molding, casting an indirect glowing colored light to the side and above the molding onto the ceiling.

With the wireless remote control included in our package, you have color selection and dimming capabilities, so you can create sunset and sunrise effects with the accent lighting, plus change to a myriad of colors and levels, in addition to automatic fades from color to color.

Another great idea is to surround the CineStarPanel™ ceiling area with a cove with accent lighting facing up and into the panel to create the illusion of a horizon, bathing the outer edge of the panel area with color using remote control dimmable multi-color LED light strips (see left photo). For a sunrise and sunset effect, we recommend dimming the red or blue RGB settings for red and blue sky effects. Call Toll Free #866-243-1001, or Contact Us for more options, discount package prices, or for many more creative star ceiling layout ideas.

Multi-Color RGB LED Cove & Crown Molding Lighting to Surround your Star Ceiling

We use only high-quality RGB multi-color LED light strips carefully selected for both bright light and very long product life. The light strips shine up at the star panel area, creating a glowing artificial horizon cloud effect around the outer edge of the panels. We pre-cut and prep the strips for your cove lighting area, or for your crown molding, and include soldering each strip's wiring to the adjacent strip - you can easily install on-site with the attached double-stick tape. The package also includes the matching power supply, lighting controller and wireless scroll wheel remote control. As with the above system, to pre-wire for this option, pull a 2 conductor speaker wire from your switched outlet to go up above the center of any panel to power the star panels and for the Accent Lighting Strip, pull a 4 conductor speaker wire to any of the corners of the panel area to attach to the light strip.

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Click here for detailed RF Remote Control Information.

Click here for a detailed installation guide for our RGB accent lighting package. (pdf)

Click here for detailed IR Remote Control Information

Click here for instructions for using an amplifier for long LED lighting strip runs. (pdf)

Click here for details on our Bluetooth app control.