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Tactile Sound is the most significant addition you can make to your Home Theater

CineTrivia™ Trivia Answers

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True or False? Answers:

1. The pin of a grenade can easily be pulled out by your teeth – FALSE – your teeth would come out before that pin!

2. All figs have dead wasps in them – TRUE – Figs are pollinated by wasps that crawl inside of them to lay their eggs and become digested by the fig using special enzymes

3. Cigarettes were marketed as being good for you until the mid 1950's - TRUE

4. One in every 12 males is colorblind - TRUE

5. The 'Q' in 'Q-Tip' stands for Quintessential – FALSE – It stands for Quality

6. Sharks kill 50 people per year – FALSE – they kill an average of 12 – but people kill 11,000 + sharks an hour

7. There is an animal named the Leopon - a Lion / Leopard hybrid – TRUE

8. Crows can recognize faces – TRUE – They can actually hold grudges too!

9. There are more museums in the US than Starbucks & McDonald's combined – TRUE

10. Macauly Caulkin and Ryan Gosling are the same age – TRUE

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