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Star Ceilings

HomeTheater Interiors ╗ Star Ceiling Panels ╗ Star Ceiling Panel Installation

CineStarPanel™ Star Ceiling Panel Guide:

Click here for our CineStarPanel™ Installation Guide - opens as a separate .pdf document

We start with master sheets of 4' x 8' x 1" (4' x 10' special order for unusual circumstances) and will cut to fit your project. Radius cuts and other special shapes available to suit your setting. You can easily field cut the panels for "can lights", projector poles, air vents and the like, plus you can tap on the edges if the fit is a bit too tight.

CineStarPanel™ 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' panels can be made to fit standard "T-grid" suspended ceilings. However, ceiling grid systems are not recommend for rooms with audio systems, as they tend to buzz and vibrate with the sound. We also no longer offer star domes, as they're a parabolic dish that gathers sound from the room to directly below the dome - not good for sound quality.

CinemaShop® also has affordable matching fabric-wrapped acoustic panels for "filler" applications around the panels. Many different ceiling area sizes, shapes, fabrics and colors can be customized to fit your decor, but we always recommend black fabric on our star panels, as it's the most natural look. Scroll down this page for fabric color options.

CineStarPanel™ Star Panel Power, Wiring and Install Tips

Powering Star Panels: there are 3 popular methods to power either a single panel, or multiple panels (we can easily power up to 20 - 4' x 8' panels from a single 12v power supply). The best method is to plug our provided small 12 volt power transformer into a switched outlet in your equipment stack, or mechanical room, with the switch conveniently located in the main room – do not dim, as it’s a transformer that needs constant AC. Most remote control manufacturers now offer switchable 3-prong switchable A/C outlets that are pre-programmed into their remotes, which has become the best method to turn our star panels on and off. You may want to connect the power supply to a triggered power strip that you may already use to power up your AV electronic equipment stack, but the above switchable A/C outlets are the best option. The most difficult option is to install a recessed switched AC outlet above the star ceiling location with a light switch on your wall to turn it on and off, but recessing the 4" x 4" x 2" with power cord transformer will take quite a bit of ceiling space and the transformer gets a bit hot, so this is the least desirable power method – plus a transformer in the ceiling probably won’t meet local building code requirements.

Pre-wiring Star Panels: We recommend pulling a single Cat5/Cat6 wire (Category 5/6 with 8 wire strands) from your equipment stack (or mechanical room/head-end) so it can drop down from the ceiling to attach to the top of the star panel area as it's resting on two step ladders, plus to a corner of the panel area if you're adding our accent lighting strips. This will connect to our power transformer, which needs to be plugged into some type of a switched 3-prong AC outlet, as that’s how you turn the star panels on and off. It’s good to have extra wire at the panel end to drop down for installation. CineStarPanel™ products don't require licensed electricians to install , as they use low-voltage 12 volt DC power, enabling easy installation and very efficient, dependable operation.

Installing Star Panels:  click here for our installation guide and it's important to install the Star Panels last in your setting, otherwise you will be getting on a step ladder and using a lint roller to remove dust and any particles in the air from the panels. They are best installed in a finished room with usually a painted drywall ceiling that meets all code requirements. We can also suspend panels by a few wires for unusual ceilings and coffered areas, as they're very light-weight and don't require load-bearing support. We require your installer to call our head tech immediately before installation, with the install diagram and parts in hand, in order to insure a smooth installation and start your product warranty.

Installation Parts: we use Rotofast anchors (click here for info), as they make for quick, simple installs that any handy person can do in no time. No side, or overhead access is needed for installation, as the panels install straight up to your ceiling, even into coffered areas. We provide the poking tool and Allen wrench to install the panels, plus you'll need 2 handy people with 2 step-ladders - that's all you need needed to quickly install the panels. They're very lightweight, but a bit bulky, so 2 people are needed to install. The Rotofast anchors even self-level the panels for a perfect, virtually seamless installation. We also offer Cloud Anchors for suspended star panel installations - contact us for details.

To field cut star panels for protruding objects, such as projector poles and can lighting, as you’re installing the panels, mark the location of the protrusion on the upper side of the panel. Remove any fibers in the area and use our poking tool to re-insert them elsewhere in the panel. Then carefully cut only the 1” Fiberglas for the measured opening with a sharp non-serrated knife or box cutter, making sure not to cut the fabric below. Then, make an “X” in the fabric below and fold the 4 fabric flaps up into the opening, gluing them over the top of the panel to create a finished area, using a light adhesive spray, such as 3M Super 77 spray.

To field cut star panels for hidden objects that air must pass through, such as speakers and air vents, as you’re installing the panels mark the location of the protrusion on the upper side of the panel. Remove any fibers in the area. Then carefully cut only the 1” Fiberglas for the measured opening with a sharp non-serrated knife or box cutter, making sure not to cut the fabric below. You then leave the fabric intact and reinsert the fiber strands through the fabric, after cutting only the Fiberglas on the panel. This allows sound and air to pass through, while maintaining the uninterrupted starfield.

To field cut star panels that are slightly larger than the installation area, you first “un-rap” the fabric on the side that you need to shorten. Mark the new line to cut on top of the fiberglass panel and remove and re-locate any fiber optics in the area. Being careful not to nick any fabric, cut to the new size with a sharp non-serrated knife or box cutter. Then re-wrap the fabric over the top with slight tension, using a light adhesive spray such as 3M Super 77 spray to tack the fabric back over the top of the panel edge.

Star Panel Accent Lighting Options

One great framing idea is using a standard wood molding attached to the ceiling around the Star Panel area to create the illusion of having a framed skylight with the night sky in a window above.

Also, we can pre-attach our optional accent lighting around the top perimeter of the panel area to bathe the ceiling around the panel with multi-color light.

Our most popular effect is to surround the CineStarPanel™ ceiling area with a molding, or cove, with accent lighting facing up and into the panel area to create the illusion of a cloud horizon effect. For a sunrise and sunset effect, we recommend dimming the red or blue colors up or down.

With our wireless remote control, or Android« or Apple« iOS app, you have a color wheel, color selection buttons and dimming capabilities. You can change to a myriad of colors and levels, plus automatically fade from color to color.

Call Toll Free #866-243-1001, or Contact Us for more options, discount package prices, or for many more creative star ceiling layout ideas.

Why our Multi-Color LED Lighting is Better

Our RGB LED light strips are the highest commercial quality available, with a 3 year warranty and are used at venues such as Disneyworld« and Universal Studios« Theme Parks. The optional accent lighting packages we offer include the light strips, power transformer, light controller, plus either an RF (radio frequency) or IR (infrared) wireless remote control, RS-232 controller, or our most popular Bluetooth control with Android« or Apple« phones and tablets.

our Android« or Apple« iOS app is available as a revolutionary solution for controlling your star effects, shooting star frequency, and optional LED perimeter lighting - all from your phone or tablet! Click here for more details.

CineStarPanel Star Ceiling Panel Warranty

With purchase of our star panels, there is a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. This guarantees that any products with defects in materials and/or workmanship will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. During this warranty period, the manufacturer will replace or repair any defective parts and correct any defect in workmanship without charge for parts and labor. For warranty labor, contact us, as any reimbursement must be pre-approved by us before proceeding. We will not cover any warranty labor that has not been pre-approved and performed by a qualified provider. For this warranty to apply, the products must be installed and used in accordance to its written instructions. Damage to, or destruction of any product caused by the end user is not covered by this warranty. Additionally, normal wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee.

Shipping Damage is Not Covered under this Warranty. All shipments received by you that seem damaged, must be noted to the freight carrier, then refused and returned to the address on your shipping label for claim processing. You must report any damage claims immediately so that the party responsible for the damage can make amends. We will not be held responsible for any shipping damage and you may have to claim freight damage with your own insurance company, if you do not note it with the shipping carrier.

We will not be liable for any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose to any person other than the original purchaser and user. Under no circumstances will the manufacturer be liable for property damage, economic loss, or any consequential damages sustained in connection with the purchase and use of any products. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. The manufacturer neither assumes nor authorizes any representative or other person to assume for it any obligation or liability other than such as is expressly set forth herein. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary, from state to state.

CineStarPanel Star Ceiling Panel Specifications

We use Guilford of Maine cloth to cover our CineStarPanel™ products - click here for specifications.
Each panel draws 12V and 2.5W, or 0.2 amps max. Note: Panels with a shooting star contain two (2) CineStarPanel™ control boards with LED light sources and will increase the panel another 2.5W, for a total of 5W. Multiple shooting stars per panel add an additional 2.5W per pattern. Our CineStarPanel™ control electronics are all UL certified.

• UL fire rated material.
• UL certified control board electronics.
• Realistic Starry Night effect.
• Consists of a simple anchoring system (included with purchase).
• Shooting star can travel on more than one panel.
• Optional cove lighting effect with sunset effect, morning sky effect, etc.
• Can purchase panels with a variety of star constellations, plus big and little dippers.

Optional Anchorage Fabric Colors for CineStarPanel™ - (we always recommend Black)

Note: Colors will vary from screen to screen, call us for fabric swatch samples for an exact color match - Toll Free (866) 243-1001 Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm Central Time.

Click for larger samples.

Red Delicious Onyx Slate Amber Pumpkin Pine Needle
Midnight Quarry Blue Wolf Willow Straw Angora
Aubergine Mulberry Cobalt Eucalyptus Green Olive Goose
Cumin Deep Water Henna Asteroid Sea Vanilla
Graphite Sunshine Coffee Bean Geranium Thistle Green Apple
Goldenrod Poppy Fossil Lapis Birch  


Optional FR701 Fabric Colors for the CineStarPanel - (we always recommend Black)

Click for larger samples.

Wheat Wedgewood Baltic Crystal Blue Grey Mix Medium Grey
Quartz Aquamarine Rose Quartz Opal Cherry Neutral Apricot Neutral
Green Neutral Vanilla Neutral Blue Neutral Black Silver Neutral Lavendar Neutral
Claret Accent Cinnabar Pumice Amethyst Buff Blue Spruce
Eucalyptus Ultramarine Sienna Pearl Bayberry Chrome Green
Bleu Papier Bronze Silver Papier Blue Plum Verte Papier Deep Burgundy
Straw Bone Dune Cement Mix Terra Lilac
Violet Light Moss Leaf Lake Stream Desert Sand