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Home Theater Decor - Rear Illuminated Poster Cases

Home  »  Movie Poster Frames  »  Poster Cases  »  The Premiere Movie Poster Case

Unavailable until the first week in July due to chaser bulb socket backorder.

The Premiere Movie Poster Case


Our Price: $2,078
(satin gold finish is an additional 10%)
with Free Shipping

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(Power switch option adds $25)

Premiere Poster Case features adjustable speed, 7 watt vanity style chaser bulbs, in addition to the dramatic backlit poster effect, is the perfect choice for both inside and outdoors where you want a bright poster case that really visually "POPS"
Choose from Satin Silver, Satin Gold, or Medium Gloss Black case.

Dimensions: 38-3/8"x 59-1/4"x 5-3/8"
Suitable for either Indoor or Outdoor use.

  • This display uses LED backlighting. The external chaser bulbs are incandescent
  • Heavy extruded aluminum case
  • Recessed door
  • 2 Cylinder locks with 4 keys
  • Full-length piano hinge
  • Aluminum back
  • Indoor or outdoor use (waterproof)
  • Fluorescent lighting for rear illumination
  • Integral matte behind door houses chase lights and front-loading poster frame, plus the lower dater panel with integral diffusion sheeting

Case can be ordered either with backlit dater panel area (includes "NOW SHOWING" and "COMING SOON" panels), or without the dater panel area - default is with the dater panel.

Choose "hard wire prepped" to be connected directly to the AC in your wall, or specify a  power cord (not for outdoor use).

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  • Items on this page are custom manufactured -
    there are no returns for refund or exchange.
  • These are the same professional poster cases seen at the movie theaters.
  • We recommend using "Double Sided 1-Sheet" posters
    for the best visual performance.
  • Poster Cases have a door with lock, while Poster Marquees do not.
  • Default wiring is hardwired, but you may specify a power cord.
  • These screw into your wall studs, or brick / masonry surface.
  • Fits standard movie poster sizes of 27" x 41" and 27" x 40"
  • Free Shipping saves you an additional $175 to $225 on our Poster Cases.

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