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CineTrivia™ Trivia Answers

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Or, if you prefer, Happy Singles Awareness Day! Whichever you prefer, we hope you have a good one. Here are a few trivia questions about this day just for fun.

1. How did Valentine's Day become a thing?

A. The greeting card industry started it.
B. It started with the Romans.
C. A florist came up with it.

The answer: B. It started with the Romans. There are a couple different theories, but probably the most convincing was that St. Valentine was executed on February 14th for secretly performing forbidden marriages.

2. For Valentine's Day, Americans (combined) spend:

A. Hundreds of thousands of dollars
B. Millions
C. Billions

The answer: C. Billions! Wow. Yes. Billions. According to the National Retail Federation, over $18 billion in 2017.

3. When did we first start seeing those heart-shaped chocolate boxes?

A. In the 1950s.
B. In the early 1900s
C. In the 1860s

The answer: C. Over 140 years ago in 1868, Richard Cadbury introduced the box. Are you one of those people who hunt for your favorite in there? Of course you are. So are we. According to the National Confectioner's Association, the caramels are the ones to go first, so you better get to them before we do!

And if today isn't your holiday, you're not alone. A survey by the National Retail Federation found that about a third of Americans (3 out of 10) didn't plan to celebrate.

Whichever camp you're in, we hope you have a wonderful day, and treat yourself to something nice today.

Thanks for playing!

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