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CineTrivia™ Trivia Answers

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"That's right, woodchuck-chuckers - it's... GROUNDHOG DAY!"

As the midwestern US thaws out from the bitter record-breaking cold of the last few days, we look forward to Groundhog Day no matter what he says about how much winter is left.

Love it or hate it, the movie Groundhog Day is a classic. We think it's amazing.

Here's a tough trivia question about the movie for you: Exactly how many instances of Phil Connors' seemingly endless day—how many days depicted either partially, or in full—do we actually see in the movie?

Answer: 38 days out of possibly millions are depicted either partially or in full.

And then the question that doesn't really have a definitive answer from the writer or director but one we want to ask anyway: How many times do you think he relived this day?

Non-definitive answer: According to director Harold Ramis, about 10 years worth. According to the writer, Danny Rubin, more like 10,000 years. Maybe more.

Bonus question: Who did director Harold Ramis originally want for the role, then decided against, saying that the actor was "too nice"?

Answer: Tom Hanks

Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and John Travolta were also contenders in the "too nice" category. The only other person considered for the role was Michael Keaton, who turned down the role because he found the concept confusing from the script he read (which was a bit different from the final movie). Keaton would later work with Ramis and Groundhog Day actress Andie MacDowell in Multiplicity.

Bonus bonus question: How many times did the groundhog bite Bill Murray?

Answer: At least twice, and severely enough that Murray was given rabies shots.

Some more fun stuff:

In the original script, the movie begins with Bill Murray's character already having lived the same day several times and knowing what's going to happen, with the audience wondering why until the reveal.
Harold Ramis loved the idea and promised writer Danny Rubin that he would keep it, but later decided against it.

Originally, Phil was supposed to murder the groundhog in his lair. This was changed, however, since it seemed too much like Caddyshack (1980), another Murray / Ramis collaboration.

Not actually filmed in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania but in Woodstock, Illinois, only about 50 miles from Bill Murray's hometown of Wilmette, Illinois.
There are plaques commemorating "Ned's Corner" and the spot close by where Murray keeps stepping in a puddle.

Another fun fact: We're never told what day of the week this was.

As always, thanks for playing!

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